The nail polish index.

Have you heard of the “lipstick index?” This is a term created by Leonard Lauder during the 2001 recession. As the economy went down, Lauder posed, the sale of little, cheering luxuries like lipstick … Read more

Invest in yourself first – advice for brands.

“Invest in yourself first.” While I’ve always know this to be great advice on retirement planning and savings, I’ve recently found myself using it to talk to clients about everything from brand buildi … Read more

A Super Bowl showstopper – Madonna isn’t the only thing still in vogue.

Madonna revived her 90’s hit VOGUE at the SuperBowl half-time show last night. Prompting Bogan & Partners to revive BOGUE, our award-winning anti-smoking commercial for the Michigan Department of … Read more

Ladies’ Home Journal—Marketing to women with “real” women.

Many print publications are employing save-our-ship tactics these days. The latest is Ladies’ Home Journal. The magazine has announced that it will now buy its content from “real women” as opposed to … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 3: Kotex.

The period. It’s the monthly reminder of how as women, we are all connected. It punctuates our lives with bloating, back cramps and chocolate cravings. For years, maxi pad advertising has tried t … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #8.

I like this Abilify ad for a simple reason. The cute grey blob. He symbolizes depression, which is not so cute, but somehow Abilify has made him kind of endearing. He’s in every cartoon frame, followi … Read more

Is 2012 the year of the stay at home husband?

 It’s really easy to find stories about the hard knock life of professional women. There’s not enough equality in the workplace, not enough good childcare, not enough balance at home, not enough … Read more

She the People, hear it roar.

Media for women. This is a term that makes some people shudder, picturing a pink ghetto where pundits ponder vapid topics like hemline heights and dating etiquette. But others see women’s media as I d … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #7.

Academic Medical Center advertising can be boring. All trying to push the research and education angles, with lots of high tech blah blah and no break-through messaging. Not so at the Medical Universi … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example # 6.

When I say, “General Electric”, you probably don’t think “healthcare”. I didn’t either, until I saw this spot and did a little research on line.  GE actually has a whole business category called … Read more

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