ESPN scores big with their College Football Playoff ad.

Kaitlynn Crane 07/22/14 - 9:16 pm

If you’re a sports fan, you likely fell in love with “Rudy”—the 1993 film about a boy with a big dream. Like many young boys, Rudy dreamt of playing college football. What’s more, he dreamt of playing college football at Notre Dame, but to most, his dream seemed unrealistic at best. Not only did Rudy lack the grades to be accepted and the money to attend, but he lacked the overwhelming talent that most college athletes have.

In the end, after overcoming more obstacles and adversity than any player should have to face, Rudy eventually makes the team as a non-scholarship walk on and is able to suit up for one home game in his senior year. On the last play of that game, Rudy sacks the opposing quarterback and is carried off the field on his teammate’s shoulders while the entire Notre Dame fan base cheers.

Ultimately, Rudy got his dream, and sports fans everywhere became nostalgic of their playing days and were reminded how much they love the game, which made Rudy an icon. Such an icon, in fact, that ESPN recently chose to announce the newest change to college football with him at the center of it.

To spread the word about the NCAA launching a College Football Playoff system, ESPN filmed a spot with a much older Sean Astin reprising his role as Rudy, dressed in his Notre Dame uniform. Within the first 10 seconds, Rudy reminds us of his dream and his love for the game, automatically entrancing us—waiting for the next words out of his mouth.

So, what are those next words?

Rudy starts to give a pep talk—pumping up his team and the audience by explaining the new playoff system with easy, understandable details. He tells us what the playoff system will include. He gets us excited for it. He makes us long for kickoff.

Better than a sportscaster reading the announcement off of a teleprompter on the latest episode of SportsCenter? Absolutely. Touchdown, ESPN.

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