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Canadian bank encourages people to deposit rainbows and donate dollars.

Canadian bank encourages people to deposit rainbows and donate dollars.

Rainbows. We wear them and wave them, and now, thanks to Canada-based bank BMO Financial Group (with agency FCB Canada), we can deposit them. In celebration of Pride Month and in support of the LGBTQ+ … Read more

5 ways inflation is affecting consumer spending habits.

5 ways inflation is affecting consumer spending habits.

As we get closer to the halfway point in 2022, we still see inflation rates on the rise. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, this past March there was an 8.5% inflation in consumer price … Read more

What are NFTs and where are they going next?

The digital space is always evolving. Possibly one of the biggest developments in the recent year is the inception of the NFT. NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are non-interchangeable units of data store … Read more

Four people write 2021 with sparklers

Weekly Recap – January 8, 2021

TikTok Ups FX TikTok has debuted its first foray into augmented reality effects, leveraging the new iPhone 12 Pro’s Lidar (short for Light Detection and Ranging) tech. The scanner allows users to crea … Read more

Woman sits across from two other women, listening

Weekly Recap – September 11, 2020

Listen Up, Listen In In a socially-distanced world, social media is the place to be. That’s why more marketers are listening in. A March survey by Gartner found that about half of marketing leaders gl … Read more

Three young women walking outdoors together.

Weekly Recap – May 22, 2020

Social Animals Humans are innately social animals, per Aristotle. We need to communicate, connect and reflect each other. It’s our nature. Which explains why social media is winning the pandemic. Soci … Read more

Weekly Recap – January 24, 2020

Millennial Musts The brands generational cohorts covet can say a lot about them. And if we’re reading the labels correctly, Millennials most value tradition, thrift, quality, convenience and responsib … Read more

For the Love of Money

As young adults, the one thing on all of our minds is MONEY. Though we may not have a lot of it, it runs our world. At this point in your life, your parents may be pulling back on their financial supp … Read more

Surprise! 40% of college-bound kids don’t know they should be saving for school.

$25,290. That’s twenty-five thousand, two hundred ninety dollars. And that’s the average cost of annual tuition at an in-state public college. In the U.S., these costs are constantly increasing, but f … Read more

Weekly Recap – February 22, 2019

Losing Faith Gen Z are more likely to be non-religious. Although 60% of Gen Z identifies as Christian, more than one-third of this generation classifies themselves as having no religion (, 27 … Read more


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