Award-winning expertise that’s built on experience.

Proven results that are built on data-driven decisions.

For over 35 years, our full-service digital marketing agency has proven ourselves as a true partner that delivers real results. We pride ourselves on nurturing long term client partnerships, but are also happy to help with projects. As a mid-size agency, we offer the branding expertise and digital prowess of a big agency with the nimbleness and entrepreneurial mindset of a small boutique agency.

With the digital world constantly evolving, you need a thought leader with the experience and expertise to be your guide. We help you understand your audience on a deeper level, find the right insights that resonate with them, deliver creative that breaks through and a digital user journey that nurtures them to conversion, retention and beyond.   Our people and proven process make the journey easy, saving you time and money. And that journey begins with a conversation of how our team of experts can help you reach your business goals. So let’s talk…reach out to Ellyn Davidson.


Who are you? What makes you special? And why should people care? When it comes to crafting the articulation of your brand, making it genuine and meaningful to your employees and customers, we’re the experts. From naming and logo projects to full-on, multi-media campaigns, our True Results Process guides us as we work together to deliver big creative ideas rooted in strategy, steeped in authenticity, and primed to set you apart and get results. Finally, to ensure your branding is consistent within all your marketing communications, we create brand standards to make sure every communication is consistently on brand.

Research & Strategy

Before we craft and create, we do our homework. Our discovery process starts with a deep dive into your marketing assets, channels, strategic and operational plan, analytics and competitive space. From one-on-one in-depth interviews with your leadership and key stakeholders to focus groups and qualitative online surveys, we uncover insights. We combine this information with insights about your target audience gleaned from proven resources—Scarborough Research, eMarketing, Insider Intelligence and our own proprietary Brogan Talks to Women Panel—to craft strategies and creative concepts that will bring your brand to life.


Brogan has a long history of creating award-winning work. But more importantly, it wins where it counts: with results. Anyone can make an ad, but it takes experience and expertise to make effective advertising campaigns that integrate seamlessly across the consumer journey. Whether it’s to build awareness, grow sales or create behavior change, our proven creative team delivers the goods.


Technology is only as smart as the people mastering it. At Brogan, our digital experience team is a powerhouse with different disciplines of digital expertise all focused on the user. And keeping you one step ahead with leading-edge digital trends. We combine specialists from user experience, web development, SEO, Google search, media, content, digital design, research and strategy working in lock-step with you. We know that different audiences use digital outlets very differently. And for this reason, we develop digital strategies to find people where they actually are. Our integrative, technology-forward campaigns can target diverse audiences differently. We don’t simply just drive leads to your website, we customize unique user journeys that keeps your customers engaged with tools like retargeting, email automation and fresh, strategic content. It’s a multifaceted, firing-on-all-cylinders approach that works hard for you, makes life easier for your customers, all while proven to deliver real-time business results.


Our tools, such as Scarborough Research, eMarketer and Nielsen ratings data, play an important role in leading us to the right communication mix. We’re an official Google Partner, so we know how to help your customers find you faster. And we’ll work with you to develop media strategies that maximize website traffic, engagement, conversions and results. Using data, we find your best vehicles to reach your target audience, implement retargeting strategies to follow their journey and use performance analytics to optimize and refine along the way to ensure your message is breaking through and reaching goals (or exceeding them).


With social media, consumers have more power than ever before to be brand influencers. And our job is to positively engage with these influencers to create helpful, shareable content. We have deep expertise in social media strategy, content creation, monitoring, and metrics. We maximize existing and emerging tactics and optimize content to drive traffic to your website to create conversions.

Marketing Automation

Converting prospects to purchasers is a painstaking process that requires planning, organization, analysis and continuous improvement. We design marketing automation programs for clients who want to enrich consumer relationships by anticipating their needs and wants. When done thoughtfully marketing automation not only sells, it builds loyalty and referrals.

Website Development

Your website is your most important salesperson. It’s out there selling you 24/7/365. So what is yours saying? How is the user experience? Are people clicking, engaging and contacting you? Your website is your workhorse. We make it work harder and smarter for you. Built around your key objectives, your audience, your brand and your calls to action, we help it accelerate traction and increase conversions.

Internal Communications

Your employees are your brand ambassadors. So you want to make sure you are all the same page, reading from the same script and living your core values. And that takes communication and repetition. We will help you personalize communications to your internal audiences and key stakeholders in a way that keeps them engaged, motivated and on brand.

Public Relations Alliance

Combine our marketing expertise with the proven public relations prowess of Martin Waymire and you have a team that you can trust to deliver. As one of the top public relations firms in Michigan, Martin Waymire has a passion for creating and managing award-winning PR and advocacy campaigns that make Michigan a better place. Together we deliver decades worth of experience, deep insight into issues affecting Michigan, and a track record of success.

Why Brogan?

We are true partners. With a proven track record of delivering strategic marketing expertise, award-winning creative and real-time, data-driven media, we go above and beyond for our clients to get results. We even guarantee you’ll be delighted.