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Why advertisers are especially excited for Halloween this year.

Why advertisers are especially excited for Halloween this year.

The rise of in-person interactions has led to a lot of excitement for this fall season… and especially the upcoming holiday. Not only have consumers been enjoying the boost in Halloween spirit after y … Read more

5 dynamics driving insurance companies to digital advertising

5 dynamics driving insurance companies to digital advertising

To help raise brand awareness, U.S. insurance companies have long since chosen to lead with – and heavily lean on – TV and video, but believe it or not, the gap between digital and traditional adverti … Read more

When will digital video surpass TV? Sooner than you think.

When will digital video surpass TV? Sooner than you think.

All hail connected viewing and the streaming revolution… because according to eMarketer, the average U.S. adult will spend more time watching digital video than TV in 2024. What is digital video? To p … Read more

Decreasing margins and budgets: What’s a hospital marketing director to do?

Decreasing margins and budgets: What’s a hospital marketing director to do?

The handwriting is on the wall. With hospital margins in the red thus far in 2022, hospital marketing budgets are bound to be affected. Citing decreased volume and revenue alongside widespread labor s … Read more

Facebook advertising in 2022

Facebook advertising in 2022

To date, Facebook is facing some tough challenges: the Apple iOS 14.5 update, public scrutiny over platform safety and a scandal that started when a former Facebook employee leaked documents that… wer … Read more

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Which podcasts will break through? Twitter offers more subscriptions

Podcast Palooza The seventh annual IAB Podcast Upfronts wrapped up this month, leaving brands, agencies and buyers to ponder which podcasts will break through in the year ahead. The three-day event gi … Read more

Man sitting on a bench reading a newspaper that covers his face.

Weekly Recap – February 26, 2021

Traditional Trusted More Traditional media formats are less popular, but more trusted. Print, radio and TV have lost consumers in recent years, but the traditional media formats have kept their trust. … Read more

Woman scrolling through TV shows on a mobile device

Weekly Recap – January 29, 2021

Next Binge Adults spent an extra hour per day on digital activities in 2020 than they did in 2019—nearly eight hours on the daily, per eMarketer reports. Total time online across all devices is expect … Read more

Two women sitting in a living room recording a podcast

Weekly Recap – December 18, 2020

Ad With The Good Advertisers follow the crowd. And there’s something a little extra special about a fresh audience, one unaccustomed to the subtle suggestion of a purchase. So, if you’ve noticed a few … Read more

Man wearing headphones, looking at a screen, gaming.

Weekly Recap – November 6, 2020

Pandemic Bump Digital media is growing its audience faster than expected this year, thanks in large part to the pandemic and related lockdown. But not all digital media activities have grown at the sa … Read more


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