Moms and media, as mothers take the lead in overall internet use

Kaitlynn Crane 04/11/23 - 9:12 am

Moms and media, as mothers take the lead in overall internet use

Insider Intelligence reports nearly 33 million mothers in the U.S. will use the internet this year – more than any other group of people – making them one of the most powerful demographics for advertisers to target. But, to do so successfully, brands must understand how they use the internet, the channels they prefer and the type of content they consume.

To learn more about moms and media, now that mothers have taken the lead in overall internet use, read on for seven interesting insights:

  1. Moms are mobile. On average, moms spend four hours a day on the internet, but because they’re always on the go, they’re using their mobile devices to stay connected. Case in point, according to a recent study by Edison Research, 98% of moms have a smartphone and 86% of moms access the internet from it. So, to meet them where they are, you’ll want to consider mobile-friendly marketing tactics that will fit seamlessly into their schedule, like social media, optimized websites and even audio streaming.
  2. Moms are multitaskers. In modern society, moms are the ultimate multitaskers. They juggle work, kids, household chores, and a million other responsibilities every day. And somehow, they usually manage to get everything done. With that in mind, it’s important to acknowledge that you might not have their attention for as long as you’d like. For this reason, your brand’s messaging should be clear, concise and relevant, and moms might need to see it two or three times before they have time to take action.
  3. Moms are social media mavens. Moms are one of the most active demographics on social media (93% of moms use it), with platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest being particularly popular. Per the Pew Research Center, parents on Facebook are especially avid users – 75% log on daily, including 51% who do so several times a day – and between mothers and fathers, moms are even more likely to be active. So, if you’re not using social media to promote your products or services, you should be. And because organic reach is far from what it once was, you’ll likely want to boost your business with paid social posts.
  4. Moms hold massive purchasing power. When it comes to household purchases for goods and services, moms are the primary decision-makers. They buy for themselves, other women, men, children, etc., and they are increasingly turning to online shopping over traditional retail stores. This means in many cases, they’re the ones interacting with your brand – even if it’s not necessarily meant for moms – making them an important target to tap. The best brands will be conscious of that.
  5. Moms are seeking information and resources. Moms regularly turn to the internet to find new products and services, seek solutions to problems, connect with other parents, and sometimes… they’re simply searching for ways to stay sane. By creating relevant and valuable content for moms that shows you understand their daily struggles and have tangible solutions to make their lives easier, you can establish your brand as a useful resource and trusted ally.
  6. Moms are looking for connection. Moms face a lot of challenges, and they’re looking for brands that can understand and empathize. Engaging and interactive content, such as social media challenges, live chats and virtual communities, offer opportunities for moms to connect with others and share their experiences. These forms of engagement can also have a powerful influence on their purchasing decisions and foster loyalty to a brand.
  7. Moms are not one size fits all. As a marketer, you want to make sure your ads are reaching as many relevant viewers as possible. But moms, like any other audience, are unique. Whether they have one child or many, whether they have a village or are on their own, whether they identify as young or old, moms are different. And so are the families they represent. If mothers are your target audience, consider how you can personalize your content so they can easily identify with it – perhaps through audience segmentation, dynamic advertising or a variety of creative versions.

Still with me? If so, here’s the short and sweet version: Moms are a powerful demographic, and understanding how they use the internet is the key to connecting with them. Plus, when you successfully do so, you’ll win not only their loyalty, but the loyalty of their influential networks as well. Talk about the mother of all marketing tips.

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