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Celebrating 40 years of creative advertising, #32: Michigan Women Forward: Enough SAID

After a backlog of more than 11,000 untested rape kits was found in a Detroit Police Department storage unit, women across Michigan called for justice. The group Michigan Women Forward (then known as … Read more

Brogan & Partners

Celebrating 40 years of creative advertising.

In 1984, Marcie Brogan, along with her creative partner, Anna Kabot, left Doner Advertising to produce their best creative idea to date: a new kind of ad agency. One that was not only owned by women, … Read more

Influencers maintain their sway during COVID by flipping their game.

Weekly Recap – August 28, 2020

This Sway Forward Influencers have managed to sustain or grow engagement rates during the pandemic. Part of their success is due to the rise in social media since the outbreak. Absent in-person social … Read more

We donated $100 to 10 organizations supporting the black community. And you can, too.

On #blackouttuesday, Brogan & Partners posted a black square on our social media channels, but right away, we knew that wasn’t enough. We wanted to do something — anything — to heal our heartbreak … Read more

Weekly Recap – October 11, 2019

Got Mail Rumors of email’s demise at the hands of Millennials and Gen We have been greatly exaggerated. More than nine in 10 internet users send email regularly. That’s more than search (85%), digital … Read more

Social Marketing Example #17: The Shelter Pet Project – Start a Story. Adopt.

You may know them as Keyboard Cat, Toast, Hamilton Pug, Roomba Cat, Lil Bub, Marnie the Dog or Richard_Kitty. But before their internet stardom, these iconic animals were better known as shelter pets. … Read more

Ban 3D Printed Guns

Social Marketing Example #16: Stop Handgun Violence, Ban 3D-Printed Guns

In 2019 alone, there have been over 250 mass shootings in the United States. Over 240 people have died and over 900 have been injured. Technology is supposed to help us, but when it gives people the c … Read more

Human trafficking campaign

Social Marketing Example #15: Michigan State Police – Look Again Human Trafficking

It’s hidden in plain sight. In your community, or the next. If you saw it happening right before your eyes, would you know? To bring awareness to the incomprehensible human trafficking epidemic, the M … Read more

Powerless Queen

Social Marketing Example #14: Project Nanhi Kali’s “Powerless Queen.”

Playing a game of chess hardly seems like an effective remedy for the degradation and abuse of women in India. But an innovative campaign from the Indian nonprofit Project Nanhi Kali used the game to … Read more

Healthy Minds Anti Stigma

Social Marketing Example #13: Healthy Minds Canada Anti‑Stigma

We can’t see a migraine or a pulled muscle, but when someone tells us they’re in pain from one of these things, we don’t question them. So why is it that when someone says they are in pain mentally, w … Read more


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