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Weekly Recap – August 23, 2019

Just Sayin’ Voice assistants go mainstream. Voice-control technology has officially moved from fad to fandom, with Apple’s Siri, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant being consulted monthly by about 111. … Read more

Social Marketing Example #5: Heineken, Worlds Apart

A beer that brings people together: this was the inspiration behind Heineken’s 2017 Worlds Apart campaign. In the 4:26 launch video, six individuals were blindly paired with a stranger they knew nothi … Read more

Weekly Recap – August 16, 2019

X-tra Elusive A little bit analogue, a little bit digital. Gen Xers comfortably toggle between media channels, which should make them a marketer’s dream. Instead, their aptitude makes them even harder … Read more

Social Marketing Example #3: Love Has No Labels

No sexuality, no race, no age, no religion. Love is love and love has no labels. Since 2015, Love Has No Labels has worked to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place in which all people ca … Read more

Weekly Recap – August 2, 2019

Digital Killed the Radio Star US consumers love digital audio. It won’t be long before consumers spend more time listening to audio on digital formats than radio, according to an eMarketer study publi … Read more

Social Marketing Example #2: Moms Demand Action, Gun Control PSA

Little Red Riding Hood: Banned for carrying wine in her basket. Dodgeball: Banned for being synonymous with bullying. Kinder Eggs: Banned for being a choking hazard. Guns: On the rise in schools acros … Read more

Social Marketing Example #1: Burger King Real Meals

When you think of creative social marketing that champions the greater good, Burger King probably isn’t top of mind. Back in the 70s, the folks at Burger King urged us to “Have it your way” in this ch … Read more

17 wow-worthy social marketing campaigns

17 wow-worthy social marketing campaigns

Sometimes advertising gets a bad rap. But when great creative advertising minds set out to do good in the world, the results can be truly moving. Social marketing (not to be confused with social media … Read more

Weekly Recap – June 21, 2019

Socially Awkward Based on advertising spend alone, social media is going gangbusters. B2C marketers are spending more on social advertising, (about a quarter of the ad mix), but key stakeholders—consu … Read more

Weekly Recap – May 31, 2019

Raters Gonna Rate When the rater becomes the rated. Passengers have long been able to rate Uber drivers on a star system, with low-rated drivers being subject to being permanently parked. Documents ob … Read more


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