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Inspiration can strike anywhere - take it from Creative Director Laurie Hix

“Inspiration can strike anywhere” – take it from Creative Director Laurie Hix

It’s not every day you get to hear from the leadership at your company. Thankfully, here at Brogan, we have an open-door policy that allows us to communicate freely with anyone, no matter their career … Read more

Brogan is giving back to the Black community.

Brogan is giving back to the Black community.

In honor of Juneteenth, we asked our employees, clients, partners, neighbors, friends and family members to help us give $300 donations to 10 Black organizations, with all of the above nominating wort … Read more

Creating Positive Change Challenge

Introducing our “Creating Positive Change Challenge”

Whether it’s working with clients to promote messages that make a difference, fundraising for our clients’ causes or giving 5% of our profits back to the community, we pride ourselves on creating posi … Read more

Brogan & Partners St. Croix mystery trip

How our St. Croix Mystery Trip turned into a surprise wedding

All year, our team puts forth their all for our clients and our community. We plan, we brainstorm, we write, design, schedule, report and repeat. Even on this year’s long-awaited Mystery Trip in St. C … Read more

How employees can become brand ambassadors.

How employees can become brand ambassadors.

As an employee at any company, the job you do makes a direct difference… and the value you add can be truly remarkable. For the purposes of this blog post, the value we’re referring to is that of a br … Read more

Broganites are giving back, with gift cards totaling $10,000

Broganites are giving back, with gift cards totaling $10,000.

At Brogan & Partners, we give our all to our clients. And we give 5% back to our communities. Because our personal and professional passions are making a positive difference in people’s lives, we … Read more

Mom works on a laptop on the floor with a baby by her side.

Weekly Recap – February 12, 2021

Home Works If you prefer to work from home, you’re in the majority. Preference has nothing to do with the pandemic, apparently.  Nearly 2 in 5 US remote employees agree that they don’t ever plan to re … Read more

Mom comforts toddler

Weekly Recap – June 5, 2020

Screen Saver You think you’ve got it bad? Try WFH while taking care of little kids. Roughly a third of U.S. parents say juggling kids and work has been one of the biggest challenges they’ve faced in l … Read more

The Brogan Bunch: Staying connected during a pandemic.

On March 15, our office at 800 North Old Woodward closed. But come Monday, our virtual offices opened across metro Detroit (and even Ohio). With a team of 26, plus two new hires set to start, the deci … Read more

Social distancing elbow bump

Weekly Recap – March 20, 2020

So, Mix-A-Lot Social distancing is disrupting media consumption, prompting brands reconsider their ad mix. Digital channels are getting a bump short-term in the U.S. in response to the pandemic, per F … Read more


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