Brogan & Partners celebrates Giving Tuesday.

Kaitlynn Crane 11/27/23 - 4:50 pm

2023 Brogan GivingTuesday

What do you get when you combine an overwhelmingly generous CEO, a corporate mission to make a positive difference and an annual goal to give back 5% of our profits?

A love for Giving Tuesday.

Since 2014, Brogan & Partners has celebrated this global day of giving by inviting our Facebook followers to nominate a cause that’s close to their hearts and randomly selecting some to support. And in doing so, we’ve donated thousands to organizations like Ele’s Place, the Alzheimer’s Association, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Doctors Without Borders, the NICU Helping Hands Foundation, Fleece & Thank You, the Brian Miller Full Moon Charity, Food Gatherers, and more.

This year, however, our own Ellyn Davidson asked each member of her team to share their favorite charity… and is giving to each one, in their honor.

See who Brogan is supporting.

On this Giving Tuesday, our agency is making $150 donations to the following organizations:

  • Drive to Make a Difference: “In 2018, my brother-in-law started granting wishes for his pediatric cancer patients at Michigan Medicine, with funds from charity golf and bowling events, walk-a-thons, and more. Since then, 110+ kiddos have benefited from his kindness, and the organization has provided emotional and economic support to their families, as well.” – Kaitlynn Crane, Associate, Senior Copywriter
  • Central Michigan University Student Food Pantry: “As a CMU alum, it’s important to support my school and add value after graduating. The food pantry ensures students have enough to eat and are able to focus on their education. Fire up Chips!” – Jennifer Kramer , Account Director
  • Michigan Humane Society: “I’ve picked the Michigan Humane Society, where we rescued our dog Maggie. I’ve always said that I have a closer connection to animals than people. Being able to help voiceless animals, who may have been discarded, lost or abused has always seemed like second nature to me.” – Sarah Foley, Partner, Associate Creative Director
  • Forgotten Harvest: “I have volunteered at Forgotten Harvest several times over the last eight years, both in the warehouse and on the farm. I find it so rewarding that those small hours you spend helping can impact so many and provide meals to families in need.” – Emily Wagner, Partner, Account Director and SEO Strategist
  • Michigan Lupus Foundation: “I chose this charity to honor my sister who has lupus. She is my greatest ally and best friend.” – Lauren Zuzelski, Partner, Director of Account Service, Non-Government
  • Blessings in A Backpack: “This organization leaves no kid hungry — not only during the school days, but on weekends, too. I have volunteered for this organization for many years and it continues to amaze me. I hope this donation fills up a couple more backpacks with many more blessings.” – Madison Hamilton, Account Coordinator
  • American Heart Association: “I lost my father to a heart attack in 2008, my son has a heart condition as the result of a childhood illness, and my husband barely survived emergency open heart surgery in 2019. You could say it’s a charity close to my heart.” – Laura Pryor, Partner, Associate Creative Director
  • Hôpital Bon Samaritain: “My grandparents, Jim and Carol Miner, volunteered at Hôpital Bon Samaritain in Haiti for many years. I aspire to volunteer there someday, but until then, this donation will help continue the work they did.” – Amanda Cook, Data Analyst
  • Friends of the Israel Defense Forces: “As the war in Israel continues, the IDF needs our help to fight against terrorism, hate and antisemitism. This donation will go toward humanitarian support, which currently includes armored ambulances, field hospitals, plasma and other life-saving supplies.” – Carly Schiff, Partner, Director of Web Experience
  • Black Leaders Detroit: “I chose to donate to BLD because of the positive impact they make on black businesses and organizations that otherwise may not receive any financial support.” – Jazmine Davenport, Account Manager
  • The Animal Welfare Society of Southeast Michigan: “This is a magical place where dedicated volunteers care for homeless dogs and cats until they can place them with loving families.” – Lori Bahnmueller, Partner, Director of Research & Strategy
  • Sanctum House: “As a volunteer staff member for Sanctum House, I have witnessed the tremendous love, healing and recovery nurtured by this sanctuary for human trafficking survivors. As Sanctum House continues to grow its healing campus and triple capacity, support is critical to help give more women the chance to regain their lives.” – Julia Mastropaolo, Partner, Healthcare Director
  • Natalie Jane’s Book Club: “To honor a late friend and classmate with a love for the written word. The initiative distributes thousands of books to help children learn, grow and thrive.” – Abigail McGrath, Associate, Senior Copywriter
  • Compete for a Cause: “My family has been affected by cancer, and it’s not an easy thing to deal with. Now that I’m a parent, I cannot begin to imagine watching my child fight a battle like this. With our donation, I hope we bring some ease to families and their children as they battle this illness.” – Abby Gomos, Associate, Associate Media Director
  • Grace Centers of Hope: “They have been giving hope and new beginnings to the hurting and homeless since 1942. During times of struggle, we can all use a little grace and hope.” – Becky Roberston, Partner, Media Director
  • Stand With Us: “The terrorist attack on Israel has triggered antisemitic acts around the world. It’s more important than ever to fight against antisemitism and provide support for Israel and the Jewish community.” – Lacey Davidson, Account Manager
  • Class Act Detroit: “I chose Class Act Detroit because of their dedication to helping and inspiring the youth of Detroit using hip hop elements and other art-based avenues.” – Erin Palmore, Associate, Art Director
  • Michigan Animal Rescue League: “I rescued my dog Penny here. Happy to support all the fur babies waiting to find their forever families.” – Laurie Hix, Partner, Creative Director
  • Dancing While Cancering: “Sadly, this couple lost their child to cancer. Since then, they’ve run a charity to deliver smile packs to those with pediatric cancer, and their story has always really touched me.” – Eric Bunch, Partner, Lead Web Developer
  • Kids Empowered: “This organization is helping to bring necessities to families in metro Detroit throughout the year. I’ve been lucky enough to participate in the Adopt-a-Family program for the past few years and deliver holiday gifts to a local family. They are so kind and grateful. It warms my heart every time. Kimber Bishop-Yanke is running a WONDERFUL organization and brings joy into the lives of kids and families every day.” – Kim Luebke, Partner, Account Director
  • Make-A-Wish Michigan: “This fall, I participated in the 22-mile Trailblaze Challenge with our Brogan & Partners team to benefit Make-A-Wish Michigan. The event and people were so inspiring, and I’m proud to support them.” – Katie Rehrauer, Partner, Director of Account Service, Government
  • Grosse Pointe Theatre: “In a world where there is so much sadness and uncertainty, the members of GPT provide productions that connect, create and inspire communities through theatre.” – Tamra Marinello, Associate, Senior Corporate Support Specialist
  • Jewish Federations: “Given current events happening in Israel, it is important, now more than ever, to be giving back to the Jewish community. I hope this donation can help provide support to those fighting for our homeland, as well as families supporting from the sidelines.” – Samantha Sherman, Art Director
  • Oakland County Animal Shelter: “They do an amazing job providing care for the animals they have taken in!” – Cameron Flamont, Media Coordinator
  • Gilda’s Club: “They supported my mom when she was going through breast cancer treatment 17 years ago, and they continue to do the same for others and their family members.” – Angela Stankoff, Account Manager
  • Care For Children: “I strongly believe that the best form of charity would be providing quality education for children. I think education can help break the cycles of poverty and social inequity and can empower children with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to shape a better future for themselves and the world.” – Soujanya Settipalli, Art Director
  • My Sistah’s Pink Journey: “This organization provides awareness, encouragement and financial support to women fighting breast cancer – filling a necessary gap and providing relief for many. I want to do my part to give back to a group that gives so much to others.” – Káhla Anderson, Associate, Account Manager
  • Fight Colorectal Cancer: “I picked this charity in honor of my late aunt, who passed away from colon cancer. My Aunt Lorna loved others with everything she had, and her memory continues to live on.” – Sean Fitzgerald, Social Media Specialist
  • Jewish Federation of Detroit: “With everything that has happened over the past six weeks, my heart is with the families that have suffered loss.” – Annie Mauch, Corporate Support Specialist
  • Ronald McDonald Foundation: “I chose the Ronald McDonald Foundation in tribute to my late grandpa, who had a strong connection to the organization. After battling cancer for 11 years, he believed in supporting parents with children undergoing similar challenges.” – Julia Schellpfeffer, Account Coordinator
  • Hmong American Baptist Church: “I’ve been a part of this nonprofit organization for almost three decades and continue to support its cause in reaching out to the Hmong speaking community about the importance of understanding religion in their native tongue and culture.” – Vong Lee, Partner, Associate Creative Director

What cause means the most to you? If you haven’t already, and you have the means, please consider supporting their mission and making a donation this Giving Tuesday.

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