Eric Bunch

Eric Bunch

Partner, Lead Web Developer

Eric is fluent in several languages and disciplines that are Greek to the rest of us. He knows his way around the back end of the Internet technologies. So when you want your brilliant website or other digital project to be intuitive and functional and fresh, Eric will make it happen. He’s experienced at working with teams or taking the lead in implementing the production of projects of all sorts.

Before Brogan, Eric worked for Brogan. Early on, Eric was our tech guy, which meant he managed IT for the agency. He also developed websites, interactive promotions and eBlasts for clients and the agency. After Brogan, Eric worked for Weingartz Supply Co. doing IT and network support, website development and maintenance. Then he was webmaster for Thomson Reuters, where he did everything—create, maintain, test, manage content, coordinate and code—from web pages, mid and large-scale projects, new website content, newsletters, online surveys, eCommerce applications and on and on.

Eric has a degree in advertising from Michigan State University.

Eric enjoys traveling, skiing, playing with his two sons and exploring beers of the world.

Why Brogan?

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