Soujanya Settipalli

Soujanya Settipalli

Junior Art Director

Soujanya says she likes to think of herself as a butterfly in the world of creative design, alighting on different projects, media and inspirations. We’re just glad we caught her!

Soujanya spent her caterpillar years growing up in Bangalore, India. Once out of the cocoon, she winged her way to the National Institute of Fashion Technology in Hyderabad, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in fashion design. Then she landed a job as an assistant designer at Munch Design Worx in Bangalore.

Next, the big migration: she moved with her husband and daughter to Michigan. Here, Soujanya decided to try her hand (or wing) at graphic design, volunteering for the nonprofit organization Art of Living. This inspired her to get a diploma in graphic design…which led her to Brogan. Finally.

Soujanya’s breadth of design experience and fine art skills make her a valuable asset on any client project. She started as an intern, but quickly flew to permanent employee status.

When she’s not exploring design, Soujanya loves to meditate, spend time with her family, and drink nectar from flowers.

Why Brogan?

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