Cameron Flamont

Cameron Flamont

Media Specialist

Cameron Flamont enjoys ordinary pursuits like reading, playing with her dog Finn, watching TV… and skydiving. Okay, so maybe Cammie is not that ordinary. Her innate confidence allows her to tackle pretty much anything she puts her mind to, from jumping out of a plane to diving into the world of media here at Brogan & Partners.

As a college student—when an oral presentation to our fellow students was a brave feat for most of us—Cammie was reaching out to local executives, recruiting presenters for her chapter of the American Marketing Association. After graduating from the University of Michigan-Dearborn with a business degree in Marketing, she worked as a Surgical Coordinator at Michigan ENT Associates, confidently communicating with patients, surgeons, and insurance companies to keep procedures on track for all involved.

At Brogan, Cammie jumped fearlessly into her role as Media Coordinator, without a parachute. And she stuck the landing. In a few short weeks she had become a valuable member of the Media Team, placing media for a wide range of clients. And with each passing week we rely on her more and more. 

When Cammie is not boldly taking on new challenges, she likes to snuggle with Finn on the couch and binge-watch episodes of Schitt’s Creek.    

Why Brogan?

We are true partners. With a proven track record of delivering strategic marketing expertise, award-winning creative and real-time, data-driven media, we go above and beyond for our clients to get results. We even guarantee you’ll be delighted.