Kaitlynn Knopp

Kaitlynn Crane

Associate, Senior Copywriter

At any given moment, Kaitlynn can tell you how to heat a ham, choose a diamond or diffuse essential oils. She can help you enroll in Medicare, and she can recommend a commercial insurance agent in 12 states.

As a writer, Kaitlynn can’t help but learn everything she can about our clients, and fortunately for them, this obsessive dedication follows her from project to project. From writing TV and radio spots to social media content to 144-page websites, Kaitlynn starts by getting cozy with a cup of coffee and pink highlighter, then dives in to become an expert. She’s even our resident expert on the AP Stylebook.

Kaitlynn graduated early (and with honors) from Michigan State University with a BA in journalism and a concentration in visual communications. But, based on her work at Brogan, she’s also earned an honorary, yet imaginary, degree in orthopaedic surgery.

Her love of learning is also paying off at home these days. Since she and her husband had their son, Mason, she’s learned the best purée recipes for baby, top DIY crafts for toddlers, and where to find organic, sustainable kid’s clothes and educational toys for less. At this point, she could write a book. And one day, she probably will.

Why Brogan?

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