Kaitlynn Knopp

Kaitlynn Crane

Associate, Senior Copywriter

At any given moment, Kaitlynn can tell you how to heat a ham, choose a diamond or diffuse essential oils. She can help you enroll in Medicare, and she can recommend a commercial insurance agent in 12 states.

Kaitlynn just can’t help but learn everything she can about our clients, and fortunately for them, this obsessive dedication follows her from project to project. During the work week (sometimes even on Saturdays), you can find Kaitlynn curled up in her colorful, quiet office. Chances are, she’s writing social media, timing radio spots, optimizing blog posts, analyzing subject lines and strategically planning content calendars.

Kaitlynn graduated (early and with honors) from Michigan State University with a BA in journalism and a concentration in visual communications.

In her spare time, Kaitlynn’s coworkers recruit her for a lot of personal proofreading projects, like bar mitzvah websites, wedding invitations and college application essays. She also does a lot of online shopping (market research, right?), which her husband hates.

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