Laurie Hix

Laurie Hix

Partner, Creative Director

Don’t let her sweetness fool you. Laurie is a rebel. A trailblazer. Only 3% of agency Creative Directors in the country—that’s country—were women when she started at Brogan, and Laurie is part of this elite sorority. Laurie is smart, passionate and a powerhouse. When you talk with her, you can see the wheels in her head turning. Her magnetic personality attracts talent, clients and big ideas.

We were first drawn to Laurie while she was still at the University of Notre Dame when we hired her to be our summer intern. The attraction was mutual. Laurie has worked at Brogan four times over the span of her long advertising career. She also worked for some big agencies, Leo Burnett and Campbell-Ewald, leading multi-million-dollar campaigns for big brands and later had her own freelance company, Brainchild, delivering multi-million dollar ideas to smaller brands on a budget. She returned to Brogan full-time in 2005 as Partner and Creative Director.

Laurie oversees every detail of Brogan creative strategy and product. She sets a high bar for creative excellence. And it shows. Her knack for creating work with a strong emotional connection has earned standing ovations, made executive teams cheer and has, on occasion, even reduced clients to tears (of joy, that is). Laurie is an award magnet. Silver, gold and platinum decorate our conference room as her work over the years has drawn the attention and admiration of industry peers around the globe.

Laurie is active on many industry boards and committees. She is a devoted wife and proud mom of two daughters, a physician assistant and engineer. As an empty nester, Laurie is now drawn to mothering everyone under the age of 40 in the office.

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