Lori Bahnmueller

Lori Bahnmueller

Partner, Director of Research & Strategy

Why? It’s Lori’s favorite question, followed closely by who, what, when, where and how. Ever curious, she has literally made a career out of asking questions—first as a reporter and over the years marketing financial services, nonprofit, wellness and healthcare brands.

Before Brogan, Lori wore lots of hats in the marketing discipline. She’s been the client. She’s been on the agency side. She’s been marketing vice president, PR director, lobbyist, community relations manager, corporate spokesperson, employee communicator and journalist. She understands the benefits of paid and unpaid media, digital media and traditional media. The result is a unique perspective on how it all works and works together.

Lori has earned a Bachelor of Arts in journalism at Arizona State University, a Master of Business Administration from Cleary University and a Master of Science in Marketing Research from Michigan State University.

In her free time, Lori works with local nonprofits and community organizations and serves on the Chamber Music Society of Detroit Board of Directors. She’s also a wife, mom, fervent reader, cat owner and outdoor enthusiast.

Why Brogan?

We are true partners. With a proven track record of delivering strategic marketing expertise, award-winning creative and real-time, data-driven media, we go above and beyond for our clients to get results. We even guarantee you’ll be delighted.