Katie Rehrauer

Katie Rehrauer

Partner, Director of Account Service-Government

The first thing you’ll notice about Katie is that she’s really, really nice. Call her on the phone and she’ll greet you like she’s been dying to talk to you. Ask her to do something for you, and you’ll swear you’ve made her day.

But after a while, you’ll begin to realize that Katie is a lot more than just nice. She’s nice and efficient. She’s nice and organized. She’s nice and brilliant. And she’s nice and experienced. After graduating from Michigan State with a degree in advertising and public relations, she spent four years at Katz Media Group, representing more than 300 radio stations in top media markets, shrewdly analyzing which stations best delivered her clients’ target demographics. From there, she moved on to Advantage Waypoint, managing marketing programs for top food manufacturers like Sara Lee and Land O’ Lakes (no doubt she’s one of the reasons why nobody doesn’t like Sara Lee).

Finally, in 2012, she realized her true destiny. She came to Brogan & Partners to work with our lucky clients as a meticulous, responsive, impeccable, and yes, really nice account manager. She charms and impresses the people at the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services, Office of Highway Safety Planning and Scleroderma Foundation Michigan Chapter (where she is also Board President).

Katie lives in Lake Orion with her husband Mike, sons Grant and Luke and a pampered Portuguese Water Dog named Penny. A Michigan native, Katie loves all kinds of water sports and spending time outside camping and hiking.

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