Funny Money: Using Humor in Financial Advertising

Laura Pryor 11/22/22 - 9:44 am

Funny Money: Using Humor in Financial Advertising

Using humor in financial advertising can be tricky. After all, no one wants to trust their money to the First Bank of Wacky. But if done well, humor can connect with potential customers in a way that creates goodwill and brings humanity to financial institutions, which can sometimes seem cold and bureaucratic.

In this five-blog series, we’ll take a look at some examples of creative financial advertising that deftly sidestep “wacky” and go straight to relatable. And we’ll examine the smart strategies that helped these advertisers take humor straight to the bank.

  1. DnB Nor (Norway): “Finally Married”
  2. TD Bank: “Unexpectedly Human”
  3. E-Trade: “Don’t Get Mad. Get E-Trade” and “This is Getting Old”
  4. Nationwide Building Society: “PayDay SaveDay”
  5. TIAA: “Never Runs Out”
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