8 Apps to Make Social Media Management Easier: #2: Later.

Kaitlynn Crane 07/24/14 - 2:22 pm

If you’re a social media manager, your job never stops. You may clock out at 5:30 p.m., but you’ll continue to spend hours on your phone—keeping up with all of the content shared on your favorite social channels.

Eventually, you’ll stumble upon a link that would be great to share on behalf of one of your organizations, but would it fit their brand to share it at 1 a.m. when you find it? Probably not. That’s where Later comes in.

With Later, a free app, you can schedule tweets to go out to your followers at a later time or date. (You can even schedule text messages and emails.) Once you do, you’ll get a notification at the time you scheduled it for, which asks you to confirm that you do in fact want to send it. With a tap of your screen, you can then push that content out to all of your eagerly awaiting Twitter followers.

What do you think about using Later to schedule your tweets?

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