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Sisterhood of the magical pants.

There are clothes I’ll keep forever for sentimental reasons, like my old sorority sweatshirt and the shoes I wore at my wedding. And then, there are the clothes that seem to be a permanent possession … Read more

Women with marketing muscle.

Here are three things I’ve noticed lately: When I got my summer Athleta catalog in the mail, the swimsuit models were buff! We’re talking some seriously strapping beauties. Even the models who didn’t … Read more

Dads gain bragging rights – on and off Facebook.

Dad’s around the U.S. aren’t just stepping up to the plate when it comes to grocery shopping and diaper changing, they’re showing off their new family role on Facebook too. According to Mashable, 40% … Read more

Bald and Beautiful Facebook Page

Online campaign influences Mattel to produce bald Barbie for cancer-stricken youth.

The evolution of the Barbie Doll has been drastic since it first hit the children’s toy scene in the late 1950s. Since its launch, Barbie has had to combat multiple lawsuits and negative press about t … Read more

Blue Peabody Mansion for Autism

Today, we light it up blue.

Today is World Autism Awareness Day. That means for the next twenty-four hours, buildings and monuments around the world will be bathed in blue light. Among the places “lighting it up blue” are the Em … Read more

Rah! Rah! Sis-Boom! Biz!

We love our teams. And are well-known for getting behind them. Win or lose, they can count on a loyal fan base to be there for them. Cheer them on. Believe in them. We have another team to get behind. … Read more

The future of User Interface (UI) Design: Part 1.

As one of the digital thought leaders at Brogan & Partners, I was excited to attend this year’s SXSW conference and see where the future of digital design was heading. Often, I feel like the “usab … Read more

The Hunger Games teams up against hunger.

Like everyone else’s kids, my twelve-year-old daughter is crazy about The Hunger Games. She devoured the book trilogy and she’s been making plans for the big opening day for weeks. I myself have been … Read more

A secondhand smoke YouTube singing sensation.

Never underestimate the power of a good idea. It will stick in your head for years. It will push itself to the forefront among other ideas. And when the right people see it and believe in its potentia … Read more

SXSW for newbies: A day in the life of a SXSW virgin.

South by Southwest or better known as SXSW, is an interactive, music and film festival.  A few of us, Broganites, set off on our travels to take part in the interactive portion of the festival.  In pa … Read more

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