The ultimate #tbt: Brogan & Partners celebrates 30 years of magic.

Kaitlynn Crane 07/25/14 - 9:50 pm

On July 24, Brogan & Partners celebrated its 30th birthday with current and former employees, past and present clients, friends, family and agency admirers. People came from everywhere—from California to down the street—to reunite, reminisce and reflect on how the agency impacted their lives. In the hours spent at the party, stories were told, speeches were made and pictures were taken. There was laughter, tears and excited screams, and everyone seemed genuinely happy to have a spot in the Brogan family.

As a new employee who has been lucky enough to experience the magic that is Brogan & Partners for the last few months, I already feel like part of the family—a part of something bigger than myself—and I think that says a lot about the agency. It’s a special place—built on a big dream and a lot of determination from our founder, Marcie Brogan, and her first partner, Anna Kabot (who made it to the party to celebrate with us!). Perhaps my favorite story was Marcie telling us that when her and Anna decided to start the agency, then called Brogan Kabot, the two of them were set up at a folding table, ready to take on the advertising world. And that’s exactly what they did.

Thirty years later, the agency has become a place that fosters creativity and innovation—making for a creative history that knocks most peoples’ socks off (thanks in large part to our creative directors over the years: Anna, Bonnie Folster and Laurie Hix).

Thirty years later, the agency has built a family of employees who not only embody our five core values, but who instantly fall in love with the agency and become determined to see it succeed. Whether these employees leave for another agency or simply take time off from the industry, they always seem to find their way back to Brogan—proving there’s something so irresistibly special about it. And those employees who have yet to leave can’t imagine doing so—finding themselves just as happy with their work as they were on their start date. (And of course, we have our CEO and managing partner to thank for that. Thank you to: Maria Marcotte and Ellyn Davidson!)

Thirty years later, the agency has worked with almost 100 clients who have given us the opportunity to research, manage, write and create. They’ve given us projects and campaigns that challenge us to think outside the box—to step outside of our comfort zones. They’ve trusted our intuition and let us share in their success, and for that, we’re forever grateful.

And with only these few months under my belt, I already feel forever grateful to Brogan & Partners—the place that keeps me and those long before me feeling inspired, intelligent, driven and creative. The place where I can learn from those who already know so much. The place where I can be surrounded by supportive coworkers all wishing each other success. And the place where I can only hope to spend the next 30 years.

Happy Birthday Brogan, and thank you to everyone who came out to celebrate with us!

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