A creative social media campaign that is #BreakingStereotypes.

Brogan & Partners 07/25/14 - 6:00 pm

One of the best things about a social media campaign is how easy it is to spread the word. This worked in TrulyMadly’s favor with the launch of their #BreakingStereotypes campaign. When this matchmaking website realized the stereotypes that surrounded Delhi, they looked for a way to shatter these myths and share it with the world. So, what better way to do this than social media?

TrulyMadly went around and asked people across Delhi how they defy stereotypes. The results? A makeup artist with a science degree. A model who loves to eat. An artist who isn’t unemployed. These photos were posted on their blog, where onlookers could easily share the photos via Facebook or Twitter and help Delhi debunk stereotypes.

 This social media campaign is truly powerful. As experts in social marketing and social media, we find it especially inspiring. What stereotype do you break?

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