Celeb Boutique’s Twitter mistake offends many during this sensitive time.

Today is a very tragic day in the aftermath of the late night shooting in Aurora, Colorado that left many victims in its wake. This type of senseless violence in such a public place like a movie theat … Read more

Friendship Circle Fan Page

Social media expands the circle of friendship.

Friendship Circle of Michigan has always been one of my favorite non-profits. They do significant work for families of children with special needs—some are close friends of mine. So of course, I … Read more

Two viral videos that do way more than entertain.

Viral videos are an amazing phenomenon. Often, they’re purely about simple entertainment/procrastination. (How many times have my kids exclaimed, “Charlie, you bit my finger?” A lot.) But videos with … Read more

Does Pinterest lead to product purchasing?

Recently I discussed three unique brand page examples on Pinterest and how brands are engaging their followers. Upon finding those unique examples, I wondered about the effectiveness of Pinterest bran … Read more

Empowering women through social media (and more): Are you with the league?

Have you heard yet about The League of Extraordinary Women? I can’t tell you how excited I am about it. The League – a list compiled by Fast Company magazine – is made up of 60 high-profile women … Read more

Refer a friend to this innovative cause marketing.

I’ve always been a big fan of cause marketing, especially to reach women. Sure, we all love to get a sale price or cash back, but if the extra bang for our buck is a charitable donation, many of us ar … Read more

Brands get up close and personal on Facebook.

In the past couple of months, a few brands have been reaching out to Facebook fans in an extra-ordinary way – with personalized videos. Febreze is the most recent example with their “Million Thanks.” … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #13.

What do you want to do when you’re 100? If you’re like me, you don’t think much about it. Too busy with today’s priorities – like getting to work on time, packing lunches and making the next trac … Read more

Pepsi brand marketing of the moment.

Advertising needs to be spontaneous and revolutionary to keep up with the ever changing, fast-paced, modern world. But recently, Pepsi has decided to not only embrace this concept, but take it to a ne … Read more

The Shade Store

Making shade.

Listening to a friend’s house-decorating stories often means enduring a litany of woes: the rug that was too scratchy, the paint color that was too bright, the upholstery that cost a fortune, and on a … Read more

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