Marketing to women that connects, example 7: Google Chrome.

As the highest users of social media, according to Mashable, women are the audience people want to connect with to spread the brand love. And one of the most brilliant campaigns of the decade (in my h … Read more

How to avoid social media HIPAA anxiety.

"But what about HIPAA?" We get this question a lot. Probably because we do a lot of social media and a lot of healthcare. So we thought we'd put some of the common answers in print. Firs … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 6: Cingular and Verizon.

Women have their own language, and the best marketing to women agencies understand this. Mothers and daughters especially, have a unique relationship and to understand this and make an emotional conne … Read more

How social media helped a little lunch box hit the big time.

When I first heard about EasyLunchboxes from a pushy very enthusiastic friend, there was only way to buy the bento-style trays and cooler bags. You had to go to the website and pay at least $9 in ship … Read more

An innovative app that raises money for miles.

Another August, another Susan G. Komen 3-Day. As you read this, I’m walking my fifth 3-Day with the 40 friends and relatives who make up Team Ta Ta Breast Cancer. We’ll be walking 60 miles over the co … Read more

Shedding some light on a new brand.

When Omnicare Health Plan embarked upon a recent name change and rebranding to CoventryCares of Michigan, we were honored to become their healthcare marketing partner. There were some unique factors t … Read more

Hope Solo and Brandi Chastain

Social media and the Olympics: what we can learn from our biggest winners’ losses.

Well, the Olympics have come to an end (sigh). The closing ceremonies are over and have successfully spiced up my life. But  the completion of the games have left a void in my nightly television … Read more

SpecSaver Olympic Ad

“Oh no you didn’t!” Brands that stole Olympic glory.

I’ve been reading a lot about marketing around the Olympics this year, but the story that keeps coming up is how the non-sponsor brands are usurping the limelight from official sponsors. Here are a fe … Read more

Meds or Meditation?

Herbs? Essential Oils? Reiki? Acupuncture? I’m a believer, which is why I’m always thrilled to learn about the growing acceptance of alternative medicine. The University Hospital’s Connor Integrative … Read more

Flag Tags

Olympics inspire great advertising.

Who doesn’t love the Olympics? The amazing athletic feats, the moving medal ceremonies, the opening hoopla (which happens in London tonight)—I love all of it. Since I’m in advertising, I also love to … Read more

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