Celebrating 30 years of creative advertising: #20 Hob Nobble Gobble

Brogan & Partners 10/02/14 - 5:24 pm

Get a bunch of snazzy folks who see a lot of each other anyway to drop their frozen turkeys, put on black tie, write a big check and come into the city with their families the night before one of the biggest cooking/family holidays of the year? That’s what the Parade Company wanted to do.

We grabbed our cutest thinking caps—the ones with bells and streamers—and noodled and doodled. Hmm. Come hob nob with friends and family… Enjoy some pre-holiday food… Get a glimpse of the traditional floats and fun of the Thanksgiving Day Parade!

Ta dah!

Presenting the Hobnobble Gobble! Presenting the top-hatted turkey! Presenting a great way to kick off the beginning of the holiday season in greater Detroit.

This event has become a tradition and a lot of fun for families and a successful fundraiser for our friends at the Parade Company—which certainly makes us thankful.

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