Marketing to women that connects, example 10: Nike.

When it comes to award-winning marketing to women creative, Nike has just been doing it right for decades. When I was a young copywriter I would study my award books like textbooks. I took notes on th … Read more

Honda’s Fit She’s doesn’t fit me.

Here’s a fascinating, female-driven development in the car world: features that prevent wrinkles (in skin, not clothes, though a car that magically keeps your clothes from crinkling would be a great f … Read more

Top 8 Pinterest board categories for hospitals.

Pinterest, the virtual online pin board, seems to be the most recent trend that is starting to catch on in the healthcare world. It’s so new that even the trendsetters – Mayo Clinic, Children’s Hospit … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example # 15.

When you think of “Centers of Excellence”, what comes to mind? I’d guess maybe highest quality. The best of the best. Specialized. Prestigious reputation. Esteem. That’s why when I heard Walmart was o … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 9: Dove.

Some marketing goes beyond building brand awareness, but builds something more: a bridge to change the culture in which we live. The Real Beauty Dove Campaign did exactly that. They took a brand that … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 8: Evian.

Evian has tapped into a brilliant and creative campaign that is a great example of marketing to women that engages online. The brainchild: babies. Now early in my career, I learned if you really want … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #14.

Music heals the body and soul. Which is why I think Mount Sinai Hospital Chicago’s new “Sounds of Sinai” fundraising innovation is really cool. It’s also cool that anyone can participate. You simply u … Read more

Falling for Target’s new flick.

Okay, I admit it. We here at Brogan & Partners are a little obsessed with Target and their marketing. But Target’s latest marketing maneuver is so cute, so clever, so social media-rific, I can’t h … Read more

Panera really does care.

Have you heard about Panera Cares community cafes? These are wonderful non-profit versions of Panera sandwich shops.  They were created to raise awareness of—and actually relieve—food i … Read more

Radio advertising: getting the most for your ad dollars.

With the glamour of television and the barrage of new opportunities in social and digital media, radio is sometimes a forgotten medium. However, clients with smaller budgets would do well to take a se … Read more

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