17 wow-worthy social marketing campaigns

Abigail McGrath 07/24/19 - 1:26 pm

17 wow-worthy social marketing campaigns

Sometimes advertising gets a bad rap. But when great creative advertising minds set out to do good in the world, the results can be truly moving. Social marketing (not to be confused with social media marketing) can make a difference, raise awareness and change minds.

10 years ago, we brought you 21 creative social marketing campaigns that inspired us. In this blog series, we’ll take a look at 17 recent campaigns that wowed us with their innovative approaches to doing good. Have a suggestion of your own to add? Let us know about it in the comments.

  1. Burger King – Real Meals
  2. Moms Demand Action – Gun Control PSA
  3. Love Has No Labels
  4. Office of Highway Safety Planning – Drunk Driving 360
  5. Heineken – Worlds Apart
  6. Always – Like a Girl
  7. Refuge – Don’t Cover It Up
  8. World Wildlife Fund – Horrifying. More Horrifying.
  9. White Ribbon PSA – Boys Don’t Cry
  10. Pure Imagination Project – Alzheimer’s Association
  11. Crisis Relief – Liking Isn’t Helping
  12. Enough SAID – Barcode Brochure
  13. Healthy Minds Canada – Healthy Minds Anti-Stigma
  14. Powerless Queen (India)
  15. Michigan State Police – Look Again Human Trafficking
  16. Stop Handgun Violence – Ban 3D Printed Guns
  17. The Shelter Pet Project – Famous Animals
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