Social Marketing Example #5: Heineken, Worlds Apart

Abigail McGrath 08/21/19 - 11:40 am

Heineken Worlds Apart

A beer that brings people together: this was the inspiration behind Heineken’s 2017 Worlds Apart campaign.

In the 4:26 launch video, six individuals were blindly paired with a stranger they knew nothing about. For the first portion of the experiment, each pair worked together to build a table and bar stools. Afterward, they sat and answered a few short questions about themselves (describe yourself in five words, name three things you have in common).

Only after completing these two tasks did the individuals learn the true purpose of the social experiment. The pairs were handed two Heinekens, and then shown an enlightening video. The clips exposed that the strangers (who had worked together for the past hour) held opposing views on critical world issues like climate change, women’s rights and sexuality.

With the newfound knowledge, they were given one final choice: Go, or stay and discuss your differences over a beer.

*Cue the sound of six beers cracking*

Why we love it:

For over 150 years, Heineken has embraced values like openness and diversity. Their Worlds Apart campaign celebrated these ideals and elevated them to a new, tangible level.

Within the first few months, Worlds Apart garnered over 40 million views and sparked global conversation (91% of which involved positive sentiments). Most of the campaign’s reach was, and still is, organic. That means people haven’t just embraced the video’s message, they’ve been inspired enough to share and become advocates for it.

While the video ultimately sells a product, it works because Heineken uses its product as a device. Their beer sparks conversation. It creates compassion. And it helps similarities speak louder than differences.

Cheers to great advertising.

This is post #5 in our blog series, 17-wow-worthy social marketing campaigns.

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