Social Marketing Example #3: Love Has No Labels

Lacey Davidson 08/06/19 - 2:02 pm

No sexuality, no race, no age, no religion. Love is love and love has no labels.

Since 2015, Love Has No Labels has worked to make the world a more accepting and inclusive place in which all people can love freely. To debut their campaign, Love Has No Labels placed a large video screen in the middle of a bustling city street. When couples stood behind the screen, only their skeletons were visible. But when the couples stepped around the screen, viewers saw the individuals came from all different walks of life: different ages, races, religions, abilities and more. Macklemore’s “Same Love” helped complete the message that there are no rules on who gets to love and how you get to love.

Why we love it:

Love Has No Labels creatively and innovatively found a way to display that at our core, all human beings are the same. We are all composed of the same things, and exterior factors do not change the fact that we are all people. Physical appearance should not play a role in determining who we get to love.

Aside from this video, Love Has No Labels has come out with campaigns to encourage inclusivity. They continue their efforts by offering people solutions to create safe spaces and advocate for themselves in all aspects of their lives.

Love Has No Labels
Love Has No Religion
Love Has No Sexuality

This is post #3 in our blog series, 17-wow-worthy social marketing campaigns.

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