Trends: Retail

red cup design.png

Starbucks’ holiday cup: the skinny, the grande and the ugly.

It’s that time of year again when Starbucks goes holiday red, adding a pop of color and caffeine to every cup. Something about this traditional holiday promotion has one consumer group seeing red. We’ … Read more

Kmart Ship My Pants Commercial

Kmart’s newest target market: 12-year-old boys.

When did Kmart decide to shift its target demo from women—73 percent of whom control household spending (Boston Consulting Group)—to unemployed, middle school-aged boys? Market estimates about U.S. wo … Read more

Falling for Target’s new flick.

Okay, I admit it. We here at Brogan & Partners are a little obsessed with Target and their marketing. But Target’s latest marketing maneuver is so cute, so clever, so social media-rific, I can’t h … Read more

Lowe’s knows women.

As I embarked on my first do-it-yourself project of the summer I came to a crossroads – which store do I buy my paint and sandpaper from, Lowe’s or Home Depot? I went into both stores and came out sur … Read more


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