Weekly Recap – May 20, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 05/19/16 - 6:20 pm

You don’t know me. This from the disappointed consumer masses who can’t find a decent email offer in their inbox. A First Insight study says consumers are tired of misfired promotions and aren’t afraid to unsubscribe. Try a lighter touch. And get personal, like Spotify. In December, the music streamer went Jedi, using music meld powers to match listeners to a Star Wars persona. Now Spotify is getting a little Game of Thrones action, celebrating Season 6 with a similar promo. Carpe diem indeed. What happens when a lingerie brand scraps its Photoshop software? Sales get real. 

DETAILS, please

Retailers risking potential email marketing backlash: 82% of consumers feel misunderstood, offers are rarely relevant. A survey by First Insight Inc. reveals that one in four people open marketing campaign emails.

Spotify is celebrating season six of Game of Thrones with a mini-site that matches one’s musical taste to a character from the series. Users head to Spotify-GameOfThrones.com, sign in, and get a playlist and character assignment. “I’m Daenarys, first of my name.”

Since lingerie brand Aerie ditched Photoshopped ads, sales have surged. American Eagle’s Aerie launched a game-changing campaign in 2014. The lingerie brand decided to feature only unairbrushed models in its ads, a move meant to challenge “supermodel standards.”

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

We don’t like to brag, but we are very proud of our work–especially when it pushes the needle, makes an impact and is award-winning. Take a look.

Brogan wins silver and gold at Healthcare Marketing Report and Asters Awards.

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