Trends: Financial Services

The week in Review – November 4, 2013.

Social media is constantly evolving, with vigilant bloggers following every new app, rule and Facebook flicker. We sift through hundreds of blogs weekly to keep on top of developments and seek out new … Read more

The “friendlier” bank: real effort or marketing ploy?

“Human Banking” is a trend in marketing for financial services.  It is not, as I first surmised, the harvesting and storage of human organs.  I guess I’ve watched a few too many dystopic sci … Read more

Kmart Ship My Pants Commercial

Kmart’s newest target market: 12-year-old boys.

When did Kmart decide to shift its target demo from women—73 percent of whom control household spending (Boston Consulting Group)—to unemployed, middle school-aged boys? Market estimates about U.S. wo … Read more

Pinterest is not your mother’s Facebook.

Its 48.7 million users – predominantly women with children – get this in spades. They spend hours pinning recipes and clever ways to entertain, filling their virtual closets and bookshelves, and build … Read more

Catch the vibe: Metro Detroit credit union latest to rebrand.

While driving to my daughter’s martial arts class this week, a bold, new sign on an old downtown fixture caught my attention: Vibe Credit Union. The credit union formerly known as Telcom has joined th … Read more


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