Marketing Statement – July 2016

Lori Bahnmueller 07/27/16 - 5:13 pm

You can take the consumer out of the Great Recession, but you can’t take the Great Recession out of the consumer. What does mean for your financial brand? It’s time to get creative. Like doling out insurance discounts for marathoners. While you’re at it, add some authenticity to appeal to Millennials. You won’t find them shopping for rings. They’re delaying marriage in favor of no-nups and starter marriage contracts. Get some snacks. It’s time to call a brainstorm.  

Discounts and deals: 3 things to know about the recessionary mindset. The Great Recession left the economy years ago, but consumers aren’t feeling it. Until they feel terra firma, they’ll be on a tireless pursuit of the best deal. 

Marathoning for an insurance discount. Nonsmokers and seat-belt wearers can get a break on insurance. So can people with healthy BMI, blood pressure and cholesterol levels. So, why not go deeper and reward consumers for the tactics they use to stay healthy—like running marathons.

Millennials are slow to wed. What it means for marketers. Compared to older generations, Millennials are slow to wed. A recent Gallup poll found 64 percent of 18- to 29-year-olds today are single and not living with a partner, up from 52 percent in 2004.

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3 things marketers need to know about Pokémon Go. In short order, Pokémon Go has ignited a national gaming revolution. The mobile app encourages gamers to get up and get outside to play not only in the real world, but virtually too.

6 reasons why your brand should leverage video. How many online videos have you watched today? Probably more than you want to admit. You’re in good company. One-minute of video is worth 1.8 million words. What will your brand say?

Why brands that make you go “hmm” are winning big. When was the last time a brand made you stop and think? It doesn’t happen often. Brands entertain and affirm, but rarely do they provoke and disrupt. But when they do, huzzah.

What marketers need to know about Facebook’s latest changes. Are you up to date on the latest Facebook algorithm changes? In its ongoing quest to give users more of what they want, Facebook is promoting posts from friends and demoting Pages on the Newsfeed.

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