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Affiliate marketing: why its popularity continues to rise.

Advertising became difficult during the pandemic, so companies had to change their methods to continue promoting their products. Many turned to affiliate marketing, especially due to its success on Yo … Read more

Marketing Statement – First Quarter 2018

2017 was the year of snackable content. Instead of discussing, we unpacked. We cookied like a fuzzy blue monster, retargeting until buyers relented or recoiled. Digital will continue to dominate marke … Read more

Marketing Statement – Fourth Quarter 2017

Blissfully ignorant. That’s one way to describe the financial state of Millennials as they head down the aisle today. Many know little or nothing about their partner’s spending habits, according to a … Read more

Marketing Statement – Third Quarter 2017

They’re tech natives. They’re constantly connected. They value diversity and social justice. And they can’t balance a checkbook. So, how can financial brands turn Gen We’s weakness into a win-win? And … Read more


Marketing Statement – Second Quarter 2017

Want to build your Millennial market share? Stop thinking like a Boomer. Sure they may get a little monthly stipend from mom and dad, but that in no way implies that they bank like their parents. They … Read more

Marketing Statement – First Quarter 2017

How’s that 2017 marketing plan working out for your brand so far? Does it lean into social media? Does it leverage the many new features Facebook launched in 2016 to further connectivity—like live vid … Read more


Marketing Statement – Fourth Quarter 2016

Look who’s talking money now. Gen We is growing up and growing into bank accounts, credit cards and student loans. They’re approaching finances with eyes wide open, taking a decidedly sophisticated ap … Read more


Marketing Statement – July 2016

You can take the consumer out of the Great Recession, but you can’t take the Great Recession out of the consumer. What does mean for your financial brand? It’s time to get creative. Like doling out in … Read more


Marketing Statement – March 2016

Cash is so yesterday’s currency. Gen We is trending toward mobile payment and PayPal is giddy. Like a fox. They want this consumer relationship to last a lifetime, so PayPal has launched buy now, pay … Read more

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