Marketing Statement – March 2016

Lori Bahnmueller 03/29/16 - 6:06 pm

Cash is so yesterday’s currency. Gen We is trending toward mobile payment and PayPal is giddy. Like a fox. They want this consumer relationship to last a lifetime, so PayPal has launched buy now, pay later. Gulp, said the credit card. Meanwhile, Chase is in cahoots with the smartphone. Big gulp, said the credit card. You’ll always have Boomers. A Federal Reserve Bank report says the original big kahuna is trippin’. On debt.

Cash, credit or tablet? Gen We shoppers lead the charge in mobile payments. The Baby Boomers may never quite catch on—but mobile payments have won fans among the young U.S. consumers coveted by so many brands.

ATMs go cardless. JPMorgan Chase is rolling out new ATMs that won’t require a card to access, the AP reports. Instead, customers will be able to use their cell phones to withdraw cash, by typing a code from their mobile Chase app directly into the ATM machine.

Boomers have way more debt than Millennials, thanks mostly to home-secured loans. Boomers are putting on debt, while younger consumers are shedding excess weight. According to a Federal Reserve Bank report, debt in the hands of Americans between 50 and 80 years of age has increased by 59 percent since 2003. Meanwhile, the aggregate debt of younger consumers has dropped by 12 percent.

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9 best practices for retargeting campaigns. Just how well does retargeting work? Statistics show that upon seeing a retargeted ad, a user is 76 percent more likely to convert—which could be why 49 percent of major brands have set aside specific budgets for retargeting this year.

Facebook advertising do’s and don’ts. Looking to promote a post on Facebook? Before you do, you may want to consult these do’s and don’ts when it comes to your content and images.

Communicating with visuals. Are you an Image Fluent? Did you use an emoji (or emoticon) today? How about take a picture? Watch TV? See an advertisement? Look at a book, magazine, chart or symbol? Of course you did.

Why the FTC won’t let native advertising be. Forget banner ads. Native advertising is where it’s ad. (Pun intended.) Consumers love content, particularly when it helps them make good purchase decisions. Interested? So is the FTC.

SHARPEN the saw

Authenticity is the new black. Years of scandal and corporate greed have left consumers skeptical. They crave brands they can trust. Brands that are transparent and true. Is your brand authentic? This paper covers the ground rules and points to a few solid players who get real to get more business. Download now.

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