Marketing Statement – First Quarter 2018

Brogan & Partners 01/22/18 - 2:39 pm

2017 was the year of snackable content. Instead of discussing, we unpacked. We cookied like a fuzzy blue monster, retargeting until buyers relented or recoiled. Digital will continue to dominate marketing in the year to come as financial brands work multiple channels to build relevance. But it’s a tough crowd. Seems everybody is anxious and more than a little cynical. Millennials are postponing big plans and Boomers are putting off retirement. Breaking through is all about building trust.

Money in 2018: The economy’s up, but we’re not buying it. If we were to sum up in one word the way people are feeling about money in the new year, that word would be “nervous.” The current administration came into office vowing to repeal the Affordable Care Act, which makes lower-income Americans and aging boomers anxious, especially because it’s still unclear just what will replace it.

Practical Millennials postpone homeownership. Ask any 20-something-year-old where they’re living, and now more than ever, they’ll likely tell you they’re renting an apartment. But… it’s not because they’re delaying their adulthood. It’s actually quite the opposite.

Talk finance to me: how to market your financial brand to women. Marketing is not a one size fits all proposition. Especially when it comes to financial services. According to a 2013 Allianz survey, 54 percent of women believe that the financial services industry is geared toward men.

Financial insecurity is making Millennials postpone marriage. If you wanted to marry the love of your life, how much would it cost you? Probably a lot more than you’d think.

Millennials would sacrifice voting rights for loan forgiveness. Struggling with student loan debt? What if you could exchange something to be rid of it? Millennials would. According to CNBC survey results, when asked what they would exchange for student-loan forgiveness, Millennials surprisingly listed voting as their highest ranked sacrifice.

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9 ways to make your website more accessible. 8 billion. That’s the number of websites on the internet today. Unfortunately, most are not functionally available to all internet users. According to CEB Iconoculture research, less than a quarter of websites are fully accessible and viewable to consumers with sensory or cognitive disabilities.

4 technology trends on the rise in 2018. Artificial intelligence, virtual doctor visits, mobile check deposit. What’s next for tech? While brands are getting ready to market their products and services in the coming year, they’re also looking for new, engaging ways to connect with consumers

Are advertising themelines dead? Should we “Just do it”? Should we kill marketing themelines altogether? Is the era of having a tagline or slogan for your brand on the verge of extinction?

Everything you need to know about Facebook Live. Facebook Live is affordable, and it’s easy. It’s a way to tell a story in real time and reach a significant amount of people, as the algorithm prioritizes this type of content. And because it’s still in its early adoption phase, it’s not too crowded – which means there’s not a lot of competition.

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Begin with the end in mind. That’s what these high-performing campaigns of 2017 have in common. Take a look.

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