Weekly Recap – August 26, 2016

Ellyn Davidson 08/25/16 - 9:21 pm

Maybe it’s the convenience. Could be the added security. Perhaps points play a role. Consumers are ditching greenbacks in favor of swipe or tap. Speaking of tapping, Millennials aren’t the only app-happy generation today. Boomers are increasingly banking by mobile app, according to a recent study. Turns out they were playing all that Candy Crush to master the art of the tap and swipe. About that flip phone you’re saving for junior when he goes to high school? He’s expecting a smartphone. If you give him a smartphone, he’s gonna want a data plan.  

DETAILS, please

Consumers are more likely to swipe or tap than to use cash for purchases. Mobile payment options like PayPal, Google Wallet and Apple Pay are joining old-school plastic in the march toward cash-free commerce.

Boomers are catching on to mobile banking. Millennials have been app-y banking for a while now. Now their parents are beginning to catch on, according to a recent study.

But mom, all my friends have one. The percentage of consumers age 12 to 17 who own smartphones has been growing at a respectable rate in the past several years, according to eMarketer.com.  

Meanwhile back at the RANCH

You know it’s still summer when your favorite sit-coms are still running re-runs, aka Best of Shows. What’s good for Blackish is good for Brogan. May we invite you to binge on our library of hundreds of marketing blogs for your next great idea? Start with some of the best performing content this year: Pros and Cons of Sub-Branding and Brand Extension, 11 Instagram Best Practices Every Marketer Should Know, 7 Creative Ways Brands Can Use Stop Motion Animation, 11 Reasons Millennials Love Binge Watching TV Shows and 5 Ways Hospitals Can Use Instagram Successfully.


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