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9 ways to make your website more accessible.

8 billion. That’s the number of websites on the internet today. Unfortunately, most are not functionally available to all internet users. According to CEB Iconoculture research, less than a quarter of … Read more


Bars now serving virtual reality to attract Millennials.

Virtual reality (VR) is popping up across markets from healthcare to travel. Now it’s creeping into nightlife as clubs and bars attempt to attract a waning Millennial market. The VR tactics are varied … Read more

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Weekly Recap – October 6, 2017

Instagram for the win, again. Here’s why your brand should be using the app. Giant balloon dogs and more. Snapchat continues to ramp up its AR efforts. Avoid a 25 minute advertisement. Brands navigate … Read more


Gen We expects more from brands on social media.

Just when your brand had figured out Millennial social media habits, Gen We comes of age and everything changes. For these tech natives, social media is as much a part of the conversation as IRL. … Read more

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How to create an inspiring workplace and culture.

Spot the Brogan & Partners team member among the volunteers at this year’s Muir Valley Trial Days in Kentucky. My job recently took me to Slade, Kentucky, home of Muir Valley—a nonprofit natu … Read more


Skinny websites, snackable content and more from Digital Summit Detroit.

Digital Summit Detroit 2017 delivered. In less than two days, the conference covered all means of email, content, website and mobile trends. Lots for marketers to consider and capitalize upon. A few h … Read more

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Weekly Recap – March 3, 2017

Pick up. Pick up. Pick up. Wondering why consumers aren’t answering your calls? It’s because all that ringing is freaking them out. Especially the young’uns. Or they’re too busy clipping coupons and h … Read more


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