New video educates services workers on human trafficking signs.

Julia Mastropaolo 01/16/18 - 7:38 pm

Human trafficking. It’s a form of modern-day slavery and an abominable crime that’s happening closer than you think. Like maybe right in your community. Which is why our client, Michigan State Police (MSP), asked us to create a short video to educate service and utility workers on the signs of human trafficking.

The goal is to empower front-line workers in fields such as cable TV, energy, and pest control, who are actually in people’s homes and neighborhoods, to take notice and call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center hotline, if something looks amiss. But our first objective is to get these critical folks to take notice of our messaging. Take a couple minutes to view the arresting video to see how we accomplish this.

Featuring many actual service workers, this video will be provided as an orientation and training tool to companies and organizations across Michigan and beyond, to help save those who are being victimized. And help put an end to human trafficking. What did you think? “Do I have your attention?”

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