Creative social marketing example #16: Stop Land Mines.

This PSA is so powerful, I am going to let it speak for itself. Maybe we all would care more about the land mine problems in other countries, if it were in our backyard. Subscribe to our blog to get t … Read more

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Creative social marketing example #15: obesity prevention.

Despite the 40 billion dollars poured into the diet industry, 2 out of 3 Americans are clinically obese. I, myself, have poured a big chunk of change into this industry. And while I adore my nutrition … Read more

Creative social marketing example #14: Partnership for a Drug-Free America.

“This is your brain. This is your brain on drugs.” Was there even anti-drug advertising before this memorable spot hit our TV sets in the 80’s? The mother to all PSA’s, this spot has been quoted, copi … Read more

Creative social marketing example #13: Parkinsons Society Canada.

Aging gets under my skin. Already, at just over 40, my knees creak, my hands get stiff, and I have glimpses of how my body will betray me. Or maybe I have betrayed it.  In any case, I cannot imag … Read more

Creative social marketing example #12: Nike Foundation.

Girl power. As Americans, we’re all about empowering girls. But it wasn’t that long ago, women couldn’t vote, get equal pay for equal work or break through the glass ceiling in our country.  In d … Read more

Creative social marketing example #11: My Sisters’ Place.

He loves me. He loves me not. The game that many of us played as young girls repeats itself for those in abusive relationships. As nurturers, women believe we can change people. We are usually more fo … Read more

Creative social marketing example #10: Looking Glass Foundation.

There is a reason it’s called body image. The image we have in our head doesn’t always match the image in the mirror. Just today, my skinny, healthy friend, commented on how she feels fat. I am like “ … Read more

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Creative social marketing example #9: Land Transport New Zealand.

As a creative director, I believe the best creative always surprises. I am always drawn to work that juxtaposes images in unexpected ways. This campaign for Land Transport New Zealand does a masterful … Read more

Creative social marketing example #8: Invent Now.

I read somewhere that the generation now graduating, Generation Y, will be the least entrepreneurial of any generation. Over scheduled by parents and over rewarded with trophies for just about everyth … Read more


Creative social marketing example #7: Covenant House.

Awareness is nice, but it won’t put a roof over anyone’s head.  The objective of most social marketing is to build awareness about social issues and inspire behavior change. This social marketing … Read more

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