Innovative healthcare marketing example # 4.

Julia Mastropaolo 09/12/11 - 11:00 am

Walt Disney and happy kids. They just go together. That’s why the new Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children – the whole hospital concept – is a top pick for innovative healthcare marketing. After all, Disney “Imagineers” designed it.  Brilliant integration of themed environments with Simba, Little Mermaid, Jungle Book – all characters kids know and love as protectors and friends. The interactive lobby with playground and games makes you feel you took a wrong turn and are at Disney World, certainly not a hospital. 

Kids get to pick their own illuminated wall visual in their rooms, whether it’s in the jungle or flying through outer space.  They can even request movies or a visit from Murray, the resident hospital dog, through the “Get Well Network”, available in all patient rooms. The idea is a supporting cast of characters and services throughout the entire hospital designed to let kids be kids.

As a healthcare marketer, you might wonder if the Disney brand is too light, too fun for a hospital. I mean this is life and death business, right? I think as long as the hospital integrates serious language about their pediatric specialties n their messaging (i.e.“more than 90 pediatric specialists trained in surgery, oncology, cardiology and transplant services…”) , they can’t lose with the strength of the Disney brand. It’s Disney’s first time to create a totally immersive hospital environment – and to lend its name to a hospital. And it’s all the magical support you’d want for your child if he or she had to be in the hospital.

What are your thoughts on the Disney plus children’s hospital equation?


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