She the People, hear it roar.

Media for women. This is a term that makes some people shudder, picturing a pink ghetto where pundits ponder vapid topics like hemline heights and dating etiquette. But others see women’s media as I d … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #7.

Academic Medical Center advertising can be boring. All trying to push the research and education angles, with lots of high tech blah blah and no break-through messaging. Not so at the Medical Universi … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example # 6.

When I say, “General Electric”, you probably don’t think “healthcare”. I didn’t either, until I saw this spot and did a little research on line.  GE actually has a whole business category called … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 2: Toyota Sienna.

Considering soccer moms are an American invention, it is surprising that Toyota is the auto brand that has invented a new way to speak to the next generation of them. Over 25 years ago, our agency fou … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 1: American Heart Association.

“We can bring home the bacon… Fry it up in the pan.” So it’s no wonder heart disease is the #1 killer of women. We are stressed out and so busy caring for others, we often forget to take care of our … Read more

Marketing to women: 20 companies that connect.

Where has all the great marketing to women creative gone? Is it me or is advertising becoming more male? Now, I am not talking about the people who work in the business (although it is still predomina … Read more

fear of dentist photo

Innovative healthcare marketing example #5.

When you hear the word, dentist, what do you feel? Dread… Anxiety… Discomfort…Perhaps even terror. How many times have you heard the analogy “…it’s kinda like going to the dentist.”? (which is never a … Read more


Get pinned.

If you’re like me, life comes to a full boil at least once a day. (Now that school is back in session, that once-a-day usually occurs right around 7:45 in the morning.) Just as one kid tumbles down th … Read more

Brogan & Partners pink building

Helen Phillips and Brogan & Partners announce Partners in Pink.

I’m a long time fan of the TV show, The Biggest Loser. For the past five years, I’ve spent many Tuesday nights glued to NBC watching the triumphs and the struggles of a group of dedicated and brave me … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example # 4.

Walt Disney and happy kids. They just go together. That’s why the new Walt Disney Pavilion at Florida Hospital for Children – the whole hospital concept – is a top pick for innovative healthcare … Read more

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