Velveeta’s skillet mom gets women in a way the Enjoli Woman never could.

Lori Bahnmueller 03/10/14 - 7:39 pm

Remember the Enjoli Woman?

She was the every-woman of the 80s. She could bring home the bacon, fry it up a pan, and never let you forget you’re a man. She could work ‘til 5 o’clock, come home and read the kids tickity-tock.

Career woman. Hot wife. Caring mom. She cooked too, all while wearing a smart business suit and heels. That is, except for those times when she was slinking around in a silky dress giving her man the shivering fits.

The Enjoli Woman was a response to a new breed of wives and moms: Women who worked outside the home, but were still expected to manage the home and family as well.  Enjoli was the magic elixir that held her together. 1. Spray liberally. 2. Conquer the world.

Marketing to women? Hardly.

My career mom of five harrumphed indignantly, shaking an imaginary skillet at the TV (and my dad) every time the commercial dared interrupt her 60 minutes of relaxation.

It was a rough time for brands that marketed to women. The female consumer was gaining economic strength, and becoming all the more elusive. In fact, Brogan & Partners was founded around this time and worked with dealerships to connect with the new female breed of car buyers.

Marketing to women remains as challenging as it is lucrative today. Market estimates about their total purchasing prowess varies, ranging anywhere from $5 trillion to $15 trillion annually.Fortunately more brands have discovered how to connect more effectively with her.

Have you seen the new Velveeta skillets campaign?

Now, here’s an every-woman we can relate to.  She doesn’t waste time dancing around the kitchen with a cast iron skillet, a la Enjoli Woman. She puts it to use until she finds its true utility, making her life easier. Not prettier. Not sexier. Not more glamorous. But more manageable.

Marketing to women? Velveeta’s campaign is liquid gold.

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