Trends: Workplace Culture

Dream big with LinkedIn.

To some people, LinkedIn is just a website where users document their work experience. To us, it’s much more. LinkedIn is a powerful resource that professionals use to market themselves. On the site, … Read more

Brogan at the airport

Aruba? Arriba!

Remember that day a couple weeks ago when it snowed in Detroit even though it was almost May?  The day after that, everyone in our office was told to wake up at 2 a.m. and head to the airport. You’d t … Read more

Our big trip to The Big Easy.

Every year, Brogan & Partners and Ignite Social Media go on an annual Mystery Trip. The tradition began in 1995 as a perk to create a happy work environment and as a bonding experience among emplo … Read more

Will Create For Chocolate

10 tips for students looking to get a job in an advertising creative department.

You’d think in an era of social networking, it would be easier to find a job. But I meet young people all the time struggling to find where they fit in and how to get their foot in the door. And I rem … Read more


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