9 secrets of an account manager.

Emily Marchak 09/14/15 - 4:52 pm

Let’s face it. We’ve all been there. Mingling at a family event when a relative inquires about your job asking, “What do you do?”

So, what do account managers really do? Well, depending on the size of the agency they work for, account managers do a variety of things. Planning, competitive research, project organization–the list goes on. But instead of reading off of what sounds like a to-do list, let me fill you in on some of our secrets.

9 secrets of an account manager

  1. The calendar is our best friend.  From reminders on when a media flight is running, when a blog is supposed to go live, to when to schedule social media status updates–our calendars are chock full of reminders, brainstorm notes, client meetings and media starts.
  2. Google is our second best friend. As an account manager, we are also researchers. We research anything from how competitors are marketing their products to how generational cohorts are engaging with content, what updates have been made to social media platforms and what the latest trends are. Big or small, we research for every project.
  3. We plan ahead. Way ahead. We weren’t kidding when we say the calendar is our best friend. We start thinking about Easter in January, Christmas in July and the coming year in August.
  4. Every meeting is like a classroom–we always take notes. From brainstorms to client calls, regroups to presentations, we scribble down everything. We then reference these notes while we brainstorm for the coming year, plan campaigns and learn new tricks of the trade from partners, vendors and industry leaders.
  5. We recap everything. Avid note taking leads to avid recapping. Rarely does a meeting go by that does not include some sort of recap. We like to track the status of projects. What are the action items coming from the meeting? Who owns which task?
  6. We are fascinated with webinars. We are constantly registering for webinars. From the latest trends in social media marketing to what influences consumer decision making, we love information.
  7. We play host/hostess. Fruit. Muffins. Bagels. Oh my! Being account manager also means being host and hostess to clients. After all, a good host wants their company to have a great time and be a returning guest.
  8. We love a good challenge. The word “challenge” has its negative connotations, but to account managers, a good challenge excites us. Whether we are strategizing blog content, brainstorming a new campaign or solving a branding issue, a challenge pushes us to think creatively and find a solution.
  9. We believe in being a team. From our clients to our creative and media departments, we are a team. We believe each department is a player, a position on a branded field. We believe in working together with clients and our internal departments to find the best possible, strategic solution that aligns with brand objectives.

So the next time you’re faced with the dreaded question, “What do you do?” don’t fumble trying to locate your resume on your LinkedIn mobile app. Instead, be bold, be transparent and treat them with some industry secrets, like my colleagues who recently shared copywriter and community manager secrets.

Notice any secrets we missed? Let us know in the comments below.

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