3 tips to get back into work mode post holiday.

Brogan & Partners 12/30/15 - 3:27 pm

Holidays are great. Family. Friends. Food. A little time away from work to recharge. It’s all good. But all that revelry can make it difficult to get back into the swing of things at the office.

Feeling refreshed is important when returning after an extended break (however short it may have felt). Besides the obvious turning in early and getting a good night’s sleep, try these three tips to get you back in a joyful 9-5 frame of mind.

1.  Readjust and resume… one task at a time.

Just like your parents always told you, don’t overfill your plate. The same goes for your schedule and obligations. Pace yourself on your first few days back. Remember, all 125 emails don’t need to be answered immediately. Prioritize by importance and nature and try not to feel overwhelmed by the quantity. Cut yourself some slack and take your time.

2.  Regulate and remedy… taking little breaks.

To stay motivated and positive, try splitting the workday into smaller parts. Throughout the day, I take short strolls by a lake that’s within walking distance of my office building, where I see families of deer, turtles and birds. A brisk walk in the fresh air helps to get your blood flowing and creative juices pumping. If you simply can’t leave the office, try walking around your office building to get an energy lift almost as satisfying as a cup of coffee.

3.  Reconstruct and rejuvenate… setting goals.

Goals help keep us focused and fulfilled. Goals are how we turn values and dreams into reality. They are motivational and give us something to look forward to with optimism and determination. Knowing the direction you want to go gives you clarity on what you ultimately want.

What do you want to accomplish in the New Year? What is your strategy and how do you plan to put it into action?

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  1. Getting back to work after
    Getting back to work after vacation is the most tiring part of having a holiday. Well, thanks for these tips.

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