Trends: Social Media

Sara Blakely, Saving the World One Booty at a Time.

Not so long ago, if you wore a girdle, you didn’t want anybody to know it. Now girlfriends (including the Grand Girlfriend of them all, Oprah) love to dish about smoothing their muffin tops or roundin … Read more

Google +1

The Marketing Benefits of Google’s +1.

We’ve all seen the little square that holds the +1 at the bottom of web sites, blog posts and more, but it’s harder to see what it can mean for marketers. We’ve all seen the little square that holds t … Read more

Sheryl Sandberg – a symbol of women’s dominance in social media.

As we all know, Facebook is going public. Even though Mark Zuckerberg is the social media giant’s founder and figurehead, it seems like Chief Operating Officer, Sheryl Sandberg, is the one everyone’s … Read more

Ladies’ Home Journal—Marketing to women with “real” women.

Many print publications are employing save-our-ship tactics these days. The latest is Ladies’ Home Journal. The magazine has announced that it will now buy its content from “real women” as opposed to … Read more

Is 2012 the year of the stay at home husband?

 It’s really easy to find stories about the hard knock life of professional women. There’s not enough equality in the workplace, not enough good childcare, not enough balance at home, not enough … Read more

She the People, hear it roar.

Media for women. This is a term that makes some people shudder, picturing a pink ghetto where pundits ponder vapid topics like hemline heights and dating etiquette. But others see women’s media as I d … Read more

fear of dentist photo

Innovative healthcare marketing example #5.

When you hear the word, dentist, what do you feel? Dread… Anxiety… Discomfort…Perhaps even terror. How many times have you heard the analogy “…it’s kinda like going to the dentist.”? (which is never a … Read more


Get pinned.

If you’re like me, life comes to a full boil at least once a day. (Now that school is back in session, that once-a-day usually occurs right around 7:45 in the morning.) Just as one kid tumbles down th … Read more

St. Jude Facebook Page

Innovative healthcare marketing example #3.

When I say St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, what do you think of?… Marlo Thomas, right? Or maybe Jennifer Aniston or Robin Williams if you’re too young to appreciate founder, Danny Thomas. A … Read more

Creative social marketing example #12: Nike Foundation.

Girl power. As Americans, we’re all about empowering girls. But it wasn’t that long ago, women couldn’t vote, get equal pay for equal work or break through the glass ceiling in our country.  In d … Read more

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