Marketing to women that connects, example 15:

Laurie Hix 06/26/13 - 3:48 pm

When it comes to travel, women are in the driver’s seat. Whether by air, land or cruise ship, for business or pleasure, women are doing the research, planning, booking and most likely packing. “Women make 80% of all travel decisions”, according to travel expert, Mary Beth Bond, “no matter who they travel with, who is paying for the trip, or where they go.” Today, getting the attention of the female travel-decision maker is challenging due to the competitive nature of all the travel websites out there claiming to offer the best selection and price.

One newer site,, stands out from the rest. With their Booking.yeah campaign, they make an emotional connection that resonates with this audience. Take the spot below, for example, entitled “He planned the vacation.” The concept is a woman’s dream: their husband planning a vacation and it being perfect. Women may tend to be control freaks, but they would love a man to take a task off their unending to-do list. Of course, in the commercial, the humor and irony is there, making us think that this could not possibly happen. It’s the battle of the sexes, and understanding of this dynamic. So recognizing this insight is brilliant on the part of As a viewer, this hilarious spot makes me feel like they “get me” and makes me want to learn more. Owned by Priceline, seems to be getting the word out about themselves through Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, but the bulk of the ad dollars seem to be spent on the television campaign. They also have a great mobile app and half-off hotels e-newsletter. Maybe I can have my husband, Steve, go to their Pinterest page and check out the floating hotel, swiss chalet or castle pins, so he can get inspired to book our next vacation. Maybe even it would turn out perfect just like in the commercial. Maybe…but then, in my reality, that only could happen on television.
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