The recipe for a wonderfilled campaign: Oreo.

Brogan & Partners 07/09/13 - 5:11 pm

I was in awe the first time I saw Oreo’s Wonderfilled TV spot. Its happy melody and charming lyrics brought me back to my Oreo-filled childhood. The brand created a Wonderfilled Anthem that sets the stage for the rest of their emotionally connecting ads. The video uses an adorable song, typography and illustration to bring a simple story to the cookie.

The second ad, Bedtime, pulls at your heartstrings and asks what would happen if a little girl gave an Oreo to her Dad before bed. A perfect ode to Father’s Day.

Finally, in their most recent Wonderfilled video, Daydream – they have a celebrity voice singing about giving an Oreo to a long lost love.

Each of these ads does something that most can’t – captures the listener’s attention and connects with them on an emotional level. Wonderfilled reaches every audience – moms and dads, children, women and men. These are videos that people will rewind to watch again and will share over and over on social media. In fact, Daydream has already garnered over 400 shares in its first few hours on Facebook.

On top of creating a unique set of commercials, Oreo has been rocking it on the social media front. Their Facebook page is constantly posting new and inventive graphics and statuses that relate the cookie to its followers. Their Twitter account has been carrying on funny conversations with consumers and other brands, like Kit Kat. Oreo also gained some recognition for its famous live tweet during the Super bowl power outage.

From social media to TV, Oreo is a brand with innovative and heartwarming marketing. A brand that we should all look up to. What is your favorite Oreo advertising moment?

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