Trends: Digital

New Myspace

A new music lover’s space, a new advertising space, the New Myspace.

Justin Timberlake is back, but not just with a new album. He is the biggest supporter and face of a new networking site – the New Myspace. The fresh site is putting itself on the level of Pandora and … Read more

Innovative healthcare marketing example #16.

It’s always been tough getting Medicaid moms to their prenatal and well–baby visits. Which is why UnitedHealth’s new game, called Baby Blocks, is a great idea. When moms attend prenatal and well-baby … Read more

Marketing to women that connects, example 6: Cingular and Verizon.

Women have their own language, and the best marketing to women agencies understand this. Mothers and daughters especially, have a unique relationship and to understand this and make an emotional conne … Read more

The future of User Interface (UI) Design: Part 1.

As one of the digital thought leaders at Brogan & Partners, I was excited to attend this year’s SXSW conference and see where the future of digital design was heading. Often, I feel like the “usab … Read more

SXSW for newbies: A day in the life of a SXSW virgin.

South by Southwest or better known as SXSW, is an interactive, music and film festival.  A few of us, Broganites, set off on our travels to take part in the interactive portion of the festival.  In pa … Read more

Deep Link Example

Helping me rank better at SXSW (SXSW Workshop).

  After attending SXSW, one of the best sessions was Dear Google and Bing: Help me rank better! It was practical and gave me tangible items I could take back to my company and to all of you. … Read more


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